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MooTools Book Review

MooTools Book

MooTools Cookbook Info

Constantin Boiangiu reviews the MooTools 1.3 Cookbook saying that it is a "good book that in [his] opinion treats beginners as beginners and tries to explain things as detailed as possible".

MooTools Cookbook Background

PACKT Publishing instructs its authors to write cookbooks not as beginner manuals, but as genuine groups of stand-alone recipes for real world use.

MooTools Cookbook Authoring

That being the case, the book was written not only to this standard, but also with the frame of reference that the audience may have zero or little experience with MooTools, at least in the early chapters.

Concepts are built carefully as the book develops. Any recipe can be used in a stand-alone manner, though as some reviews state truthfully, later recipes exhibit more advance concepts that provide the same functionality in more terse syntax.

MooTools Book Extensibility Documentation

The chapter on extending classes attempts to show through a variety of original recipes, the different types of inheritance patterns that are available.

What experts are saying

Check out Constantin's MooTools book review. He makes valid points from an expert's perspective.

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