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Marriott's Really^2
Well Done Sliding
Card Thing-a-ma-bob!

As of posting date, is sporting this amazing card shuffler with individual content in each card, including a form in one of the cards:

Marriott's Really Really well done and cool sliding card thing-a-ma-bob

So how could I not resist seeing how mootools would do such a thing. I got pretty close in about 5 hours, though, admittedly, the rollovers are not as nice, and there is a little quirkiness here and there. Surely that could all be solved by throwing another 50 hours at it. I wonder how long Marriott took to do theirs...if any one knows, please post! It's a great piece of work, surely someone wants to brag, eh?

Here's the jay johnston, MooTools 1.2, XHTML valid version that I came up with to mimic the really really well done and cool sliding card thing-a-ma-bob!

Last Updated: 2010-07-02 12:32:31
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