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git-log: Show
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git-log formatted short since a datetime string

I am frequently using my commit messages to enter my timesheets activity. I wanted a way to show just the oneline commit messages. Using git-log with the switch --format we can make short work of the requirement to only show the message:

git log --format="%s"

The next portion is even more intuitive than that! To only show commits based on a particular time, say "6am" we need the --since switch for git-log:

git log --format="%s" --since="yesterday"

The output might look like this:

CHARITY-D->~/test# git log --format="%s" --since='yesterday'
added datetime field for acf plugin, this to support auctions
customized the 404 error page for bad url requests
disabled wp-admin for subscribers
added and styled facebook/wordpress avatar for current user
added personally helpful symlinks to assist editing workflow
added TODO regarding rotator_image inclusion
added login functions and updated email signup pages

Placeholder Formats

Find other git-log --format placeholders like %s (which is the git-log placeholder for "subject" of the commit message.

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